Home for the Elderly

Work has been completed on the construction of the canopy and bathrooms at the home for the elderly in Channapatna in Karnataka India. Given the precarious situation and the lack of adequate sanitary facilities, we decided to build four bathrooms with showers for them, two for men and two for women, and a large roof at the entrance to shelter the elderly guests from the sun. In addition, beds, blankets, sheets were donated, as they slept on the bare ground. Clothes, shoes, medical equipment, medicines were donated. Medical care was also provided every week and food every day so that they would not lack anything.

06 DECEMBER 2019

“Love knows no caste, but saves and ennobles every human being in this world…”.

It is our duty to think of the well-being and prosperity of all.
One cannot be happy if all humanity is unhappy.
We are part of the human community, and it is our duty to share our prosperity with others.
It is our duty to answer the call of suffering and seek to alleviate all human suffering…!
No society can succeed unless the spirit of service and love flourishes.

Luigi Ferrante

Founder of Sri Prema Charitable Trust