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The Sri Prema Charitable Trust is a nonprofit Indian charity institution. Its purpose is to promote spiritual growth and social assistance for every person, without any discrimination of sex, age, religion, nationality, social status and race.
This humanitarian association is based upon the Human Values of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanti (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (Nonviolence) and its main target is to offer free and unconditioned Service to Mankind.

The Sri Prema Charitable Trust is located in India, in the Karnataka State, where is achieving its mission and has created a project village, in a poor and rural area, not covered with social services. In such areas, as for the rest of India, schools and hospitals must be paid, affecting the lower classes and the poor people.

Due to this reasons the TRUST will provide, through voluntary service, a free of charge accommodation, education and health assistance, also to those persons that cannot afford it.

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The project intends to build a School, a small Hospital, a Canteen, a multifunctional Hall, an Auditorium, a House for the staff, an Orphanage, because we believe that service to men is service to God. All the structures will be modest and functional, free from useless accessories but furnished with efficient and modern equipment and updated technology.

In this way it will be possible to offer first aid services, basic medical assistance, acceptance and distribution of food to the needy, professional training, cultural activities, spiritual development, together with all the necessary services in order to guarantee autonomy, independence and immediate availability of the structure.

The village will be created exclusively with the help of voluntary contributions, without asking any kind of government’s funds or private financial credit. These types of spontaneous offers will be done only with the purpose of love for mankind. The moneys collected by the Trust will be used in an absolute visible way in order to allow everyone to verify the donations received and the expenses paid.

Whoever has time, availability and courage is welcome to join this venture of solidarity and compassion, in the great perspective to generate a better future for the society, a new age and a new season of hope, share and peace.

We believe in the power of Love, PREMA (Sanskrit word that means Supreme Love). We are determined to be guided by this kind of Love and reach such an exciting and bright goal: a service to mankind. This is an opportunity for a human and spiritual growth, nourishment for the body, heart and soul of those who donates and the ones who receives.